About us
Deon Optical Design is a small custom scope manufacturing company, and to maintain its high standards of quality and attention to detail, it plans to stay this way for years to come.
All components are made in Japan and are assembled by highly skilled engineers.
Deon’s optical design and mechanical reliability cannot be imitated.
March Rifle Scopes are opening the way to a new world of shooting. 

2004 Deon Optical Design Corporation was organized.
Each of the founding engineers has over three decades of experience in the high-precision optics industry, having eveloped optical products for many world famous manufacturers.
2007 The March 40x52mm BR Scope debuted. Soon after,the Super Shoot, NBRSA Nationals, 9th World Benchrest 2-Gun Championship and the 10th World Benchrest team Championship were won by shooters using March scopes.
2008 Deon released the 50x52mm and 60x52mm BR scopes.
2009 The 5x-32×52 Zoom Scope and the 10x-60×52 Zoom Scope were introduced along with the revolutionary March BR 36x-55x52mm EP (Eye piece) Zoom Scope. Also the 1x-10x24mm (SFP) and the 2.5x-25x42mm (SFP) were introduced.
These scopes provide the highest magnification ratio in any rifle scopes made to date.
2010 The 8x-80x56mm (SFP) Zoom Scope and the 5x-50x56mm (SFP) Zoom Scope were introduced.
2011 The 3x-24x42mm (FFP) Zoom scope was introduced.
2012 The 5x-40x56mm (FFP) Zoom scope was introduced.
2013 The 1x-8x24mm(FFP) Zoom scope was introduced.
2014 The 2.5x-25x52mm(SFP) Zoom Scope and 3x-24x52mm (FFP) Zoom Scope were introduced.
2015 More opptional accessories became available.